Project: Exoskeleton

Design of an innovative exoskeleton An exoskeleton is a device capable of supporting the human body from the outside. The exoskeletons are designed to allow people suffering from movement disorders to walk or to increase strength and endurance. Exoskeletons currently on

Wind Turbines

Project: Wind Turbines

Strategies for Characterization, Identification and Robust Control of wind energy COnversion Systems (SCIROCCO)The main aim of the project SCIROCCO is the improvement of performances and reliability of modern wind energy conversion systems (WECS). Since control design plays a crucial role

Belumbury Dany

Project: Belumbury Dany

The Belumbury Dany The Belumbury Dany is an innovative heavy quadricycle with thermal and eletric traction. Our research group, in collaboration with EOS S.p.A., has focused on the design and optimization of the frame in high-resistance material and the identification of